How to Fix Bad System Config Info Error

Bad System Config Info error is one of the BSOD errors. BSOD means Blue Screen of Death that means when this error appears your computer screen turns blue and give this message. This error also called as Bug Check 0x74. This error generally appears in all versions of windows but mostly appears in windows 10/8/8.1/7. When this error appears the following codes STOP 0x00000074 (0x00000003, 0x00000002, 0x80087000) displayed in the screen.

This error can be a serious issue for your computer. So, you should fix it as early as possible. If you want to fix this bad_system_config_info error, first you have to know the possible reasons for this error.

Fix bad_system_config_info error

Reasons of Bad System Config Info Error

Here are all the possible reasons for this error. They are:-

  1. Incorrectly configured corrupted device drivers.
  2. Damaged or Corrupted RAM.
  3. Corrupted windows registry files.
  4. Driver conflict between newly installed Hardware.
  5. Corrupted Windows system files.
  6. Damaged Hard disc.


Solutions to Fix Bad_System_Config_Info Error

It is a simple Windows error and you can easily fix this Bad System Config Info error just following methods and implement on your computer.  Here are some solutions for you to fix this error. They are:-

=>> Fix 1: Update Device Drivers-

This errors can be related to corrupt or outdated device drivers. There are many reasons which can suddenly stop Device Drivers. But you can fix this error easily. You just need to update the device driver to fix the Error 0x74 problem. To update device drivers just go to Device manager. You can update all the device drivers from here. The easy way to update drivers, you just right click on the driver you want to update and then click update driver. This option will update the device driver for you. You can also use Driver updater tool. This tool will update all your drivers automatically. There are lots of driver updater tool on the internet. You can use any of them to update driver.

=>> Fix 2: Repair Damaged or Corrupted RAM-

Newly added RAM can be responsible for this error. You can check it easily by removing it. If you don’t face BSOD error anymore then this will be the source of your problem. That means, your new memory is either incompatible or bad. So, you should replace it as early as possible.

If you haven’t added any, that means your old RAM is corrupted. You should run a diagnostic test on your computer’s existing memory. This test will find memory failures and intermittent errors, which could be causing BSOD error. You should use any Memory Diagnostic Tool to run this test.

=>> Fix 3: Repair Corrupted windows registry files-

You can fix registry files manually but if you aren’t any computer experts then you shouldn’t do this. So, it will be best for you to use any registry cleaner. There are the lots of registries cleaner on the internet and local market. You can use any of them but be careful to use any trial versions because they will maybe not work or make error in your PC. So, we highly suggest you make use of paid versions and it will find the corrupted registry files easily and repair them automatically. You can also progress the computer’s system rapidity and performance by using a registry cleaner. You can take bellow given paid registry cleaner from the Amazon store that top rated in the market.


=>> Fix 4: Repair Driver conflict-

Sometimes driver conflict between newly installed hardware can be responsible for this error. If this error occurs after installing the new hardware device then it might be the probable cause for facing this error. So, you should confirm the newly installed hardware. The easy system to check new hardware, you just have to remove it. If this BSOD error occurs no more than this might be the possible reason of showing this error. So, you just have to be sure by removing newly installed hardware.

=>> Fix 5: Use Last Known Good Configuration Option-

This is a window startup option that assists you to use most recent system settings. When you shut down your computer every time, it saved the main system settings in the registry. If any driver or software in your PC is causing any problem to start windows then you can use this Windows last known good configuration option.

It is easy to start this option, at first, restart your PC and press f2 on Startup and hold it for the few seconds. You will see Advanced Boot Options screen in your monitor. In here you will find Last Known Good Configuration. Then you use the arrow keys to highlight this option and then press the Enter button.

Use Last Known Good Configuration option

=>> Fix 6: Repair Damaged Hard Disc

Damaged or corrupted hard disc can be also responsible for this bad system config info error. To check damaged hard disc use chkdsk command. To run ‘chkdsk’ command, click on start button then type command in the search box. Then press the Enter withholding CTRL-Shift.  A dialogue box will open in your monitor then click yes. After that a new box will open then type “chkdsk /f” and hit the ENTER from the keyboard. Then you just have to go after the onscreen command.

=>> Other Solutions-

It’s annoying when your PC show this bad_system_config_info error. You can pass up this Bad System Config Info error by using all the updated software and don’t install any unknown or corrupted software because you can lose all your important data. You should also use updated driver. You can also re-install your Windows operating system.

The Final Words (Conclusion)-

Here are all the best solutions for bad system config info error. If you are able to follow all these steps carefully hope there won’t be any bad_system_config_info error. If you still having this error you can inform us. We will find better solutions for you.

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