In this time Google Chrome browser is the most popular for their exclusive feature and user friendly interface. They always try to give best browsing experience to their user. But some time some unwanted like err_ssl_protocol_error occurs for many reasons. They try to fix this type of error forever. But there has no specific solution to fix this ssl connection error in their forum and other websites.


This err ssl protocol error occur for many reasons and at first you should know the reason of the error and then apply the specific solution. Some of my reader wanted to help from me about this ssl protocol error that’s why I write this article that have all the solution step by step that are collected from Google forum, Microsoft forum and some expert in this field. So don’t worry just follow the solution bellow and implement watchfully and get rid of the ERR_SSL_PROTOCOL_ERROR forever in the Windows 7, 8 and Windows 10.

Fixing the Err_SSL_Protocol_Error

=>> Fix 1: Check System Host File-

This method worked well for many Google chrome members and you can try this solution at first. Just check your system host file and then delete the file. Implement the method flowing bellow.

  • Go to your computer Star menu and type the bellow file root in the search box.


  • Now you see the host file then right click on the host file and click on the Open file location button.
  • And then right click hosts file and select Properties from bellow menu.
  • Now you click on the Security tab from the top menu bar and then click the edit button.
  • After that you click on the System and check all the Permission for System “Allow” boxes and uncheck all the “Deny” boxes.
  • Now click OK and then again OK button.
  • Finally delete the hosts file and restart your PC.

Check System Host File

=>> Fix 2: Clear SSL State-

Sometimes SSL state block your connection that’s why you face the ssl connection error. So you can clear SSL state following the bellow steps.

  • At first you go to Control Panel and click on the Network and Internet (Selecting View by: Category).
  • Now click on the Network and Sharing Center and then click on the Internet Options from the bellow left side bar in new page.
  • Now this time new windows occur and you click on the Content from the top menu bar.
  • Finally click on the Clear SSL State button and then click the Apply -> OK button.

Clear SSL State

=>> Fix 3: Disable Chrome Quick Protocol-

This method also worked well for some Windows forum member. It is very easy to disable the quick protocol in Google Chrome. Just follow the bellow steps.

  • At first open your Chrome browser and type the bellow code and hit Enter from your keyboard.


  • Now find the Experimental QUIC protocol and select the Disable option from the drop down menu.
  • And finally restart your Google chrome browser and check the error page.

It may be fixed the error if it’s not work then move to the next method number 4.

Disable Chrome Quick Protocol

=>> Fix 4: Change Your Internet Properties Security-

High internet properties security and privacy may create this error so you can check your internet security level and set the level medium following the bellow steps.

  • Go to Control Panel then -> Network and Internet.
  • Now click on the Internet Option and then -> click on the Security and set the level medium.
  • Again click on the Privacy from top menu bar and set the privacy level medium.

Change Your Internet Properties Security

=>> Fix 5: Others Solution-

After implement the upper solution if you get the error then you can apply the bellow methods.  This bellow methods obviously fix this err ssl protocol error.

Check Your Time and Date: Sometime wrong time and date create this ssl connection error so you can check the date and time and if it is wrong then you set rightly now.

Go to Control Panel -> then Clock, Language and Region -> click Date and Time -> now Change date and time.

Disable Browser Extension: Just simply disable all the extension of your Chrome browser for a time and check the error page. If it works then delete all the extension and download newly.

Go to Customize and Control -> then Settings -> Extensions -> now uncheck the enable box.

Checking Firewall settings: Just disable your Windows firewall and Antivirus firewall (If you use) and check the error page may fix.

Clear Browser Cache and Cookies: Browser cookies may block the SSL connection so you clear your browser cache and cookies.

If you don’t know the procedure to disable firewall and clear browsing cache then you see the your connection is not private article that have the step by step process of this.

I hope you could be fixed this err_ssl_protocol_error by implement the upper solution and please write bellow in the comment box that method worked well for you.

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