5 Ways to Fix: Your Connection is not Private Error in Google Chrome

Some days ago I face this Your Connection is not Private error in my Chrome browser and that was very annoying for me. If you are  frequently facing this ssl 3.0 error in your Google Browser then I can really realize your pain. Since, These days cyber-crime and internet fraud are one of the most common effects. So we all mind about our privacy policy and all time want to protect and safe our personal and important information from the envy eyes. That’s why whenever you face this type of ‘net::err_cert_common_name_invalid‘ error message then you should fix it as soon as possible.

=>> What is Your Connection is not Private Chrome Error?

Normally this ssl 3.0 error message ‘your connection is not private’ shows because the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) got some error from somewhere or someone and it can not verify the information. This ssl is a protected and secure system to encrypt data from your PC database and send to the web server, It always maintain your information private and safe. That’s why you face this type of error like bellow.

Your connection is not private

Attackers might be trying to steal your information from www.Your DomainName.com (for example, passwords, messages, or credit cards).


Your connection is not private

But don’t worry, you can easily fix this error by creating ssl certificate. But sometimes this error may be occur by some different type of reasons like your ssl certificate is not issued by a recognized third part,  your site’s certificate is not up-to-date or your connection between the browser and the website might not be secure. That’s why I make a file where all the sollutions for fixing this error easily step by step. So lets go and follow for your connection is not private fix.

Fixing The Your Connection is not Private Error in Google Chrome

=>> Solution 1: Clear History and Cache From Your Browser-

Clear History and Cache From Your Google Chrome BrowserSometime unwanted or error data block your privacy or send error message to the ssl. It is one of the reason of this error. Follow the instruction from bellow and clear history and cache from your browser.

First you go to and click ‘Customize and control’ button from the top right corner in your Chrome browser -> Now click the ‘Settings’ button  -> And now scroll down in the bellow and click the ‘show Advanced Settings’ -> then go to ‘Privacy’ section -> click the ‘Clear Browsing Data’ -> check all the box in the new popup -> now you click ‘Clear Browsing Data’ button.

reset your chrome browser


You also reset your chrome browser for make your browser default.

First, you go to Chrome menu -> then Settings -> Now click ‘Show Advanced Settings’ -> then click the ‘Reset settings’ button -> Reset.

=>> Solution 2: Check and Right Your Computer Time and Date-

Check and Right Your Computer Time and DateIn some cases, Computer’s wrong time and date create this unwanted SSL error in your PC. That’s why you check and update your computer’s clock and correct your date to get rid of this ssl error.  So follow the instruction and update time and date.


Click ‘Time and Date’ from menu bar in the bellow -> Click ‘Change date and time settings’ -> Now click ‘Change date and time’ -> Then OK.

Now refresh your browser and load the website that were having the error in the past. If you face the error again then follow me and implement the solution number 3.

=>> Solution 3: Check Your Antivirus Software Setting-

Sometimes antivirus software block the unsafe website security certificate and in result you face this  ‘NET::ER_CERT_COMMON_NAME_INVALID’ error. No problem, follow me.

Check Your Antivirus Software settingIf you installed the Avast Free Antivirus in your computer then you will have to turn off HTTPS scanning from settings.

Go to Settings -> Then Active Protection -> Now click Web Shield -> Click Customize -> and lastly unchecked the ‘Enable HTTPS Scanning’ box.

Other site if you are installing Bit-defender Antivirus Software in your PC then you turn off SSL scan. To do this, First you go to ‘Setting’ (Upper right corner in the Bit-defender Antivirus Software) -> now click ‘Privacy Control’ -> then Anti-phishing tab -> Now you turn Off the Scan SSL.

=>> Solution 4: Disable Prevent Warning-

Disable Prevent WarningIf you face that problem till now then you can set to prevent warning for some a finicky period in your browser. To prevent warning in your Chrome browser.Then

First, type in your browser address bar ‘chrome://flags’ and hit enter button from your keyboard. Now scroll down towards the middle and find the ‘Remember decisions to proceed through SSL errors for a specified length of time’ box option. When you find the option, now from the drop-down menu box you choose the preferred setting according to your desire.

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=>> Solution 5: Continue to the Site-

If you’re sure that the website you face the error is attempting to login is protected or secured then you should continue to the website.

Because, if your Google Chrome browser shows that the security certificate is from the error domain you are trying to login, it means it is nothing to be troubled about when the error shows.

To continue, First you click on the “Advanced” link in the error page.

Continue to the site

Then click the ‘Proceed to <Your Website Link>(unsafe)’ button bellow.

Proceed to the Site

You can apply all the solution on by one if you face this Your Connection is not Private error in the Chrome Browser only. And obviously let us know which solution worked well for you. You also comment in the bellow if you get another solution to fix this error.

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