How To Hide Files In Android Phone/Smart Phones And Tablets

How To Hide Files In Android Phone

I always takes some embarrassed photos that can sometimes make me laugh, but? really hates if any person tries to tease on those, i need to protect them from those, i need some privacy from people. When you need to hide files in android. There are some apps in play store that do your work more easily, even through you can manually hide files in android, i perfect app since it was more easy and effective. You can easily use the apps with the umi z phone or its alternative and hide your files.

Never become victim of people laugh, always hide your important information and photo in your phone, always hide files in android phone and protect yourself. Here i describe “How to Hide Files in Android” step by step process.


How to Hide Files in Android

how to hide files in android phone


1.  I am going to use on APP called file hide expert [Download Link ]Which was free of cost to hide and unhide the files in your android Mobile.

2.  After installing the app on your phone,open the app.

3. For the first time it shows empty, there will be an option to add files (or)folders to it.

4. To add files(or) folders just gently tap on tittle folder icon on the top right of the app screen.



5. In the screen next to the tap, it shows the available folders and files in your android phone.

6. To add folder that you are going to hide, just tap on plus icon to the folder right side.

7. Now your files are added to the home screen and select hide all to hide all to them, the selected files are now hidden in your device.

8. If you wish to unhide them,just go to the app and select on unhide all, they will be shown all

9. sometimes those who know about the app can access the files by unhide it, so we need some extra layer of security.

10. Go to the app and press menu and now tap on setting.

11. Check the box that shows ENABLE PASSWORD.

12. It shows change password, just  enter your password and hit on ok.



Follow this easiest instruction, download the apps and install properly then hide files on android easily.  Thank You for reading this article and invite to you for visiting this Top PC Tech website and getting troubleshoot  related information.  You also read our tricks and tips and Windows related article for getting more important information.


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