How To Recover Permanently Deleted Photos From Computer

From time to time, whether by accident or by design, it is not uncommon to delete photos, videos, and files that are stored on your computer. You, therefore, have to know how to recover permanently deleted photos from the computer to be able to retrieve them whenever such a problem arises.

How To Recover Permanently Deleted Photos From Computer or Laptop

It is only by possessing such knowledge that you will be capable of tackling the problem and getting your photos back. Our discussions here below endeavor to aid you in accomplishing this very task effectively. We shall also look into the common causes of this particular issue as well as some of the mechanisms which may prevent it from happening again.

Why Do We Face This Problem

  • Accidentally engaging the ‘Shift + Delete” command bypasses the recycle bin. With regard to this, it removes all the files that were stored permanently making a rare room for their recovery thereafter.
  • Emptying the recycle bin accidentally or deliberately will usually see all the files that are stored deleted permanently.
  • Emptying the contents of the recycle bin when it is full definitely has the impact of permanently ridding the bin of the backup copies of the deleted files and photos.
  • Infestations of the laptop by a virus or malware have the ability to get rid of some stored files.
  • Resetting or formatting the laptop to its factory settings. The procedure deletes all software programs and files which were not part of the computer at the point of its departure from the factory.
  • Deleting photos from an external portable hard disk that is connected to the laptop
  • Enabling the option “Don’t move files to the Recycle Bin. Remove files immediately when deleted”, available in Recycle Bin properties

How To Recover Permanently Deleted Photos From Computer or Laptop

Here in this guide, I have used super easy Remo recover photos software that recover deleted or lost photos. You must download and install the software and follow the below steps for recovering the deleted files and photos from your Windows or MAC computer.

Step I: Access the drive where the photos were stored

Start off by accessing the drive where the photos were stored initially. Follow the steps below to actualize this:

  • Go to the Home Screen and click the ‘Recover Files’ option. The operating system software shall display all the drives that are available in the system. This includes the computer’s internal hard drive and the connected external hard drive.
  • Select the particular drive you want to recover the photos from
  • Hit the ‘Scan’ button to commence the scanning process

Step II: View the File formats and types

The operating system software shall scan the drive. This shall reveal those photos that were deleted or lost. Once it is through with the scanning process, it shall display a list of all the files that are recovered on the screen mostly in the ‘Data View’ and the ‘File Type View’ formats.

View the file formats and types. Narrow down to those files or formats which are relevant to you. You may, if you so desire, place them in special fodders for the sake of easy referencing and handling later.

Step III: Preview the Recovered Files

You may now go ahead to preview the recovered files. Do this by clicking the ‘Preview’ button. Check whether they are the ones that you were interested in recovering. Look at their names, sizes, last edit, and other pertinent properties. You may have to scroll down in case the ones that are displayed on your screen are not the ones you were interested in initially.

Step IV: Save the Recovery session

You may, if you so wish, save the whole recovery session. Use the ‘Save Recovery’ session option to do this. This enables you to resume the recovery process from where you left without necessarily having to re-scan the drive yet again.

Step V: Purchase the Software License

If you are satisfied with the recovery outcomes, you may wish to go a step further and purchase the license of that particular software. This will also help you in saving the recovered files. This may take you a bit of time and may also require you to possess some money in your online money transfer platform or credit card.

Step VI: Save the Recovered Files

Finish off by saving the recovered files. Make use of the ‘Save’ option to accomplish this particular objective. It is advisable though to bundle the various files that bear the same similarity and treat them as one. If for instance, you want to save only photos, select all of them and save them jointly. This will save you some bit of time and probably effort.

Tips To Avoid The Issue Again

It is also necessary to prevent this particular problem from occurring next time. This is why you have to implement the following measures:

  • Be careful with the kinds of buttons you press on the keyboard. This is to prevent the accidental pressing of the ‘Shift + Delete” commands.
  • Before you empty the recycle bin, always take time to check its contents. By use of this arrangement, you will prevent the possibility of emptying the photos against your wish.
  • The above same case should apply to the moment when you have to empty the recycle bin when it is full.
  • Scan your laptop with the latest antivirus to keep it up to date and prevent the infestation of the hard drive with viruses.
  • Back up all your files and documents in some secondary storage devices before formatting the laptop to its factory settings.
  • Detach any external hard drives before deleting the files. This is to prevent the accidental deletion of photos and files from your main laptops.
  • Always Disable the option “Don’t move files to the Recycle Bin. Remove files immediately when deleted”, available in Recycle Bin properties. You will prevent the accidental permanent deletion of the photos.

The Final Words (Conclusion)

The procedures above of how to recover deleted photos from the computer will definitely offer you the magic and guidance you badly want to make this dream a reality. They are straightforward and are subsequently simpler to adhere to by even the least skilled of persons.

All you have to do is take your time and master them in-depth. You may also play some mock recovery games from time to time just to master the finer details of the procedures. This way, you will stay ahead of the game and avoid unnecessary inconveniences if and when the problem eventually arises.

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