How to Recover Windows Login Password

Did you forget the Windows Login Password? Do not worry. With vast technology, comes effortless ways. Earlier most of us preferred to rush to the nearest computer store as we had to reinstall Windows to set up a new password and thus, the procedure was not very user-friendly.

Reset Windows 10 Microsoft Account Password Online

But now, in the era of software, where hacking is merely nothing, recovering windows login password is just a piece of cake. The two very well known software used by thousands of people to reset passwords are:

  • Pogostick
  • UUkeys

User-friendly software:

Pogostick brings us easy steps to recover windows login password. The best part about this software is it works offline which means you can boot off a CD or USB disk to set the new password after shutting down the system and secondly it supports all the windows versions. Additional to this, it comes with a registry editor which is of great help.

Coming to the second software, UUkeys brings us a friendly way to avoid the problem of forgetting windows password. The procedure is quite similar; it shall create a new password with the help of a USB drive, CD or DVD. Moreover, this software can automatically detect the USB or DVD/CD and enter the existing ISO image files to the USB drive or DVD inserted by the user. It does not end there; this program will take you to the easy wizards where you have to select the targeted Windows version and start burning the disk.

 Steps required while using Pogostick software:

  • User information is translated into encrypted versions and stored in a file.
  • This temporary data is an essential part of the registry, but it is entirely in binary form and thus, not easily accessible.
  • This system shall provide you with floppy disks and CDs to edit the forgotten passwords easily.
  • It does not end there; it also furnishes the complete binary builds and source code of the tools to permit others to use it accordingly.
  • Moreover, a document is supplied to format registry editor.

Steps required while using UUkeys software:

  1. Download the software
  2. Choose a Password reset disk using USB flash drive or optical disks
  3. Burn the built-in ISO image on the device
  4. Now you have to insert the device in your locked computer
  5. Reboot the system and reset your password from the pre-created reset disk
  6. With few clicks your task is completed

This program is simple, convenient and safe to use, with no technical issues.

Compatible versions:


2014 came up with a new idea of booting image to find windows. Secondly, removing or adding users became haggle-free. Last but not the least; user edits added some new features for scripts.

2015 Brought new ideas for registry utilities, but the password reset process remained the same.

2009 Stated that 2008 update was still the latest and 2010 might surprise us with a new release, and since 2010, the old email ID would be invalid.


UUkeys software is not a platform based program. It works on every windows version for sure and also supports almost all types of drives, SCSI, IDE, SATA, etc.

Three editions were launched so that everyone can use it without any complications. Advanced version, Standard version and Professional version are the three editions to be precise. Choose the appropriate edition as per your requirements and nothing to worry at all, not one of them will modify your system except to extract files.


Stay stress free:

We always stay under pressure, no matter what the issue is. Even the smallest hitch can bring us down very quickly. No matter how much we blame today’s technology in various aspects, these kinds of problems require help of the digital world. So, for once and all, let us tick out this issue of forgetting the password and stressing or panicking over it. Pogostick and UUkeys have made our work a lot easier, convenient and safe to use. It is now entirely haggle-free to reset the windows login password. Just sit back and relax for a change!

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