Toppctech Modern Gadgets Scholarship

A $1200 Modern Gadgets Scholarship is the emerging website that is dedicated to providing quality information for its readers. The website currently reviews on some of the hot topics like tech gadgets, troubleshooting windows, and browser errors. In addition, it also deals with some of the tips and tricks on windows. Example: Best All in One Printers 2017Best Portable Bluetooth Speakers 2017, Best Gaming Mice 2017 & Best Gaming Monitors 2017. You can also check more modern gadget reviews, benefits & guide from our reviews category.

Moving further, the website has launched the “Toppctech Modern Gadgets Scholarship” program to showcase the writing talents of the undergraduate and postgraduate students. This is a wonderful opportunity for all the students who have a passion for the modern gadgets as they are entitled to win a scholarship check of $1200 which can be used for their course like study materials, books, etc.

All those pursuing their studies in the areas of Communications, IT or Business will be of more interest towards this scholarship program. Though we do not impose any constraint on the areas of study, a passion for the modern gadget is a must for delivering an innovative content. If you think you have landed at the right place, please read on to know more about this scholarship program.

General Guidelines For Participation

In order to participate in the scholarship program, the participant needs to analyze and create a content on “Modern Gadgets”. Some of the ideas that we expect from the content are:

  • How Modern Gadgets influences a common man’s life?
  • How Modern Gadgets revolutionized everyone’s day to day activities?
  • What are the positive and negative aspects of Modern Gadgets?

The participants are welcome to add their own ideas to create the best article on the given topic. We expect it to be a 500-1000 worded article. The entry with the best piece of article will receive a scholarship of $1200 that can be utilized for the student’s study purposes.

Eligibility Criteria

This scholarship program is open to all the students currently enrolled in colleges, universities, and high schools.

Creative Skills

The articles are expected to be more innovative and lateral. We analyze the articles on various factors such as words, factual information, writing style, etc. Hence, students are expected to provide a sensible piece of article on the given topic. In short, the article is expected to be unique, innovative and informative.

Procedure To Submit The Article

The article should be created in the doc format. The participants can mention the URL to their website, if applicable. The email to send the article in doc format is The following details are expected along with the document attachment-

  • Full Name, Address, Contact Number
  • Name of the College/University
  • Student ID Proof
  • Area of Course Undertaken

By emailing us the articles, the participants grant us permission to use their articles as per our wish. The sole permission of using the articles for marketing and promotion purposes lies with us.


The deadline for submitting the article is on December 31, 2016. The winning article will be announced on February 15, 2017. The check will be sent to the winner by March 10, 2017.

It will be sent to the college or the university where the student pursues his/her course. If the check is unclaimed for over a month, we select the next winner.

Please note that we run this scholarship program on a yearly basis.

Total Submissions: 52


Name: Sabrina Collier

University Name: Tongji University

Student ID Number: B-111545

Country: People’s Republic of China

Note: Please check your email and contact your administration department.

Thanks to John Snow Kornar, Rita B. Clark & Abrar Menda for helping us to select the winner.