How VR Will Change Online Gaming

Virtual reality is already getting a lot of credit for its ability to change industries and areas of society that have only just begun to embrace it. A lot of people feel that VR is going to alter the ways in which retail shopping works, and some believe it will change education. Above all else VR carries major implications for entertainment and gaming, and it’s in these areas that some of the most significant early impact has been felt. We’ve seen some spectacular new games already put out on everything from high-end headsets to smaller devices compatible with smartphones. Even within gaming there are some areas where we’ve only scratched the surface of the changes VR is going to bring about.

How VR Will Change Online Gaming

One such area is casino gaming, which has a long history of being popular everywhere it goes. From real life casino venues to online sites and mobile apps casino games always draw a crowd. But as popular as they are and as sophisticated as they’ve become they’re headed for big changes as a result of the emergence of VR.

Interactive Poker Games

It almost goes without saying that we’ll be seeing interactive poker environments developed for VR systems, and the first of the bunch has already come out. Casino VR arrived fairly early, and provided what you’d expect. It was an interactive environment with a virtual reality poker game. One early review referred to it as the future of online casino gaming, though it should be noted that the game is currently just for fun (meaning no real money is exchanged).

More Competitive Feeling

Online poker can actually be an incredibly competitive activity. Players often have real money on the line, and they find their way into difficult tournaments with other skilled players from all over the world. But at online sites the rush you can feel from this competition is limited. While real people are playing against you, the most you’ll see is a name at a spot on an animated table, or in some cases a sort of avatar. In VR you’ll likely be able to see full 3D avatars instead, and it will provide a greater sense that you’re playing against actual human competition. This sounds simple, but it’s the sort situation in which VR can legitimately fool your brain so that you feel you’re in direct, in-person competition with others.

New Environments & Concepts

When we imagine VR casinos we tend to think of typical, Vegas-style atmospheres brought to life in an animated 3D world. Experiences like these may well lead the way, but one write-up of different ways in which VR will change the future of mobile gaming made an interesting point saying that there’s just more room for creativity. If anything, that might mean that it doesn’t make sense for developers to design traditional environments. We could begin to see fun new concepts that involve poker and other casino games but the environment and other players are more exotic. Why not space poker with alien avatars, or safari poker where everyone chooses an animal? These are goofy ideas, but done well they could set games apart.

More Dynamic Platforms

A lot of online casino sites and mobile apps have a complete range of casino games. But you still have to navigate to a section with the type of game you’re hoping to play, and it’s all a little dry. VR has the potential to tear down the walls and deconstruct the menus so that players can roam about dynamic, full casino environments. Think of it as a smaller version of open world gaming but in a huge casino, and you’ve probably got the idea.

All things considered, this could end up being among the most significant genres for innovation within the gaming industry. Only the future will tell if developers take full advantage of these newfound possibilities.

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