Windows 10 Password Reset Guide Step by Step

At present time Windows is the popular operating system in the world for their new and upgrading features and also for new operating system Windows 10. Many computer users are changing their OS for Windows 10 and some users don’t know to reset Windows password. In the previous time some of my readers asked me, How to bypass Windows 7 password and now again some of my readers ask me, How to bypass Windows 10 password that’s why Top PC Tech write this article and here you know the best and easy way of  Windows 10 password reset & Windows 7 password reset.

Windows 10 password reset is the simple configuration that you need in your upgrading time in Windows 7/8/8.1 to Windows 10. Sometimes your OS shows ‘this copy of Windows is not genuine’ that’s time you also need to reset your Windows password. But don’t worry; you can easily fix this type of problem by resetting your Windows password. Windows 7 password reset system almost same like Windows 10. So at first you read this article carefully and then you implement the procedure step by step.

How to Bypass Windows 7 & 10 Password Easily


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How to Bypass Windows 7 & 10 Password Easily

Windows 10 password reset time you need Linux live CD that you create by Linux ISO file. It is simple to make Linux live CD just download the Linux ISO file and then write in a CD. Now you configure your PC to boot menu and then boot the Linux live CD. After booting the Linux CD you implement the bellow steps.



  • You go to your C drive and then WindowsSystem32 that’s root like C: WindowsSystem32
  • Now you find the sethc.exe file and then you rename the file to sethc1.exe
  • And you also find the cmd.exe and rename the file to sethc.exe
  • Now you restart your computer and wait for the login screen
  • After showing the login screen you press the Shift button 5 times from your keyboard
  • Now you see the Command Prompt will be opened like bellow image

Windows 7 password reset


  • Then you type net user in the Command prompt and then hit the Enter button
  • After that you will get the name of administrator account and then you note it down


Windows 10 password reset


  • Now you type again net user user_name new password and hit the Enter



how to bypass windows 7 password


  • Now you enter the new password in your login panel and then you will be logged in.

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Source- iSeePassword

I hope you can do the Windows 10 password reset by implementing the above procedure. You can also implement the method in others Windows and reset the administrator password anytime. Windows 7 password reset also easy and same procedure like this.



I hope that you get the proper guideline about Windows 10 password reset from this article if you have any query about ‘how to bypass windows 7 password’ or Windows 10 password then feel free to ask me in the bellow comment section. I assist you as my best.

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